Unfortunately, LegalSounds have now closed down. But there are plenty of other mp3 sites to download from, check out some of our favorites on our reviews page.

LegalSounds offer users a chance to download cheap mp3s even more easily than before, with their 'Legal Sounds Downloader' software. This is a piece of software that takes a few minutes to download, and will help you download music from their more quickly than before. The downloader is like a mini Legal Sounds website; except that it is tabbed with different sections of the site. Tab one is like the homepage, you can see their Best Sellers, Charts, Hot Releases, Most Downloaded Albums, Just Added, the search and the Free Song of the Day. Tab two is where the tracks that you have downloaded / are downloading go to. From here, you can pause and resume downloads, something you cannot do on mp3 download sites usually. Tab three is all your details, so you can change anything you want to, like name, security question, password, email address, and you can unsubscribe from the newsletter here too. Tab four is your balance history, where you can add funds and see your purchase history. Tab five is your stats, a list of all the songs and albums that you have downloaded, the date, how much it cost etc. I love this little program from Legal Sounds, it's a great help and is especially useful for first time users as it doesn't take a lot of thinking to work out. It's also nice that you do not need to always go to Legal Sounds to download music, you can do it from there, add fund, change your details etc. Nice one Legal Sounds!