Unfortunately, both MP3 Panda and LegalSounds have now closed down. But there are plenty of other mp3 sites to download from, check out some of our favorites on our reviews page.

download_managersDownloading from mp3 sites can be a bit tricky, but some sites have got a good solution. MP3 Panda and LegalSounds offer 'Download Managers'. These can be downloaded from the sites homepages and are designed to make the job of downloading mp3s from their sites a piece of cake. The download managers allow full access to all the sites content, so you use it like you would the website. The difference is that you can queue your downloads, so you can leave them running while you go and make a cup of tea and not have to wait for each album to download before you move onto the next. You can pause downloads, so if you loose internet, you can get your downloads on the move again once it's back up. If you need a bit of help, you can read more about the MP3 Panda Download Manager or the LegalSounds Download Manager.