MP3Caprice are one of the cheapest sites, offering mp3 downloads for just 12¢ each.

This makes them one of the cheapest sites to download music from. But one thing that really sets MP3Caprice apart from the competition is their minimum top up amount.

Most of the sites we review here require you to top up your account with money and then you use that balance to buy songs until it runs out. So if you're only after a few albums, you won't want this minimum amount to be too high.

That's where MP3Caprice come in. They have the lowest minimum top up of all the sites reviewed here, at just $10.00. Compare this to MP3Mixx $30.00 and it seems very appealing.

This is enough for 10 albums on average. And this credit doesn't expire. Ever. So if you only want an album or two now, your credit will still be there if you ever want to download more albums or songs.

Check out MP3Caprice for yourself, the site is expanding all the time, so if you can't find anything you want to download now, check back later for new additions!