It's been a while since any new sites popped up and now we've got two at once.

The new sites are Payplay and Mediasack.

So why am I telling you about them? Well they are a bit different from the others on here. First off, Mediasack. The site offers both music and movies, which is a first! So if you're after films too, Mediasack might be the one for you. One place to top up, one place to download from. Sounds awesome! Then we have Payplay. The site just offers mp3s and they are a little more expensive than others sites, at 20¢. However, their music library is far larger than anyone else's, with over 5,407,300 tracks. So if you love you're music, really love your music, then Payplay might be worth a look. With that many tracks, they are likely to have more unusual stuff, remixes, specials and all that jazz.

You can read more about both sites and leave your own comments in the full reviews of them: