Free Trials

So you want cheap mp3s, you want somewhere safe and reliable to download from. But… you don’t want to commit too much by putting money on account you may never use again.

Well, luckily for those of us who don’t have millions to spend, LegalSounds, MP3va, , MP3Sale and Soundike all offer something free when you sign up and register with them. So it is effectively a free trial of their service!

Remember, registration with all the mp3 sites is free, so it’s not going to cost you a thing until you’ve used you’re freebies.

MP3Sale give you: 10 Free Songs
Not sure how long this offer is lasting, so grab it while you can. After this has expired, they do not offer any regular sign up or registration offers unlike other sites.
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LegalSounds give you: US Top 40 singles for free
You receive the free ‘Song of the Day’ to play with, you can see how their site works, how you download music, the process, how easy it is etc.
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MP3va give you: 30¢ free
This is just enough for 2 songs on their site. Unlike LegalSounds, you can use this 30¢ on whichever songs you like, so this, I think, is more of a trial than what LegalSounds offer. You can see how you purchase music, how you download etc to see if you are happy.
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Soundike give you: 30¢ free
As with MP3va, this is enough for 2 songs to try out their service, this is my favourite sign up offer because it really is like a free trial, the offers on MP3 Million and LegalSounds are good, but MP3va and Soundike’s offers give you a true impression of what the site will be like to use.
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All these free trials require no credit card information, no payment details at all. Just your name and an email address, and most of them don’t even make those things compulsory! Make the most of these free trials while they are still there, the sites may change their mind and give you nothing for signing up!