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Site Design

Mediasack is different from the others we review here because they offer not just music, but movies too! But they are well separated, so if you're there just for movies or music, not both, you can easily find what you need. It's not a jumbled mess.


Mediasack has a massive music and movie library so there will be something for everyone here. The site has the latest releases and is very easy to browse through things like genre, charts, soundtracks, artists, new arrivals etc.

Music Selection

The site has over 4,200,000 tracks in their mp3 library, plenty for everyone to find something they want.


Registration is easy, just give them an email address, create a password and that's it. Unfortunately, unlike other mp3 sites, Mediasack don't give you any freebies after you sign up.


Of course, with every good thing, there is a catch. The songs may be 10¢ each, but you need to load your account with a minimum of $19.99. This load amount applies each time you want to add credit. The good thing about this is you will never need to think about funding for your mp3s again as this much credit will probably last you quite a while!


Adding money to your account is easy, they accept Visa or MasterCard. I hope they start taking PayPal soon like other sites, but for now, it's not like we are stuck for choice!


Mediasack give you a few bonuses if you top up a little more than the minimum Visa or MasterCard:

Top up $29.99 and get $10.01 for free, top up $49.99 and get $25.01 for free or top up $99.99 and get $99.01 for free.

My Opinion

I love Mediasack, the minimum top-up amount isn't the lowest, but I know how long it will last me so it's ok. I love that the songs are so cheap, not quite sure how they do it, but it rocks! I like that I can download movies and music. One place to download from, one place to reload. To read about the movie portion of the site, head over to CheapFilms for their review.

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