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MelodiShop is packed with music and very well laid out. You can see latest albums, best sellers, charts, cheapest albums, genres and loads more. It's easy to get lost on here! Tracks cost just 10¢ each on the site. Up to date, cheap and easy to use, my favorite sort of site.


MelodiShop has the greatest and latest albums. What more could you ask for? The site has loads going on but is very nice to use.

Music Selection

MelodiShop's site offers over 4,000,000 tracks, making it one of the biggest libraries.


Registration with MelodiShop is quick, easy and you just need to give your email address and password. After sign up, you will receive 30¢ free credit and 4 free songs! So you can give the service a proper try before you decide if it's for you or not.


Topping up, or reloading, with MelodiShop is easy. There is a minimum reload amount of $20.00 which applies each time you add money to your account. It should last you quite a while though, with the track price being so low!


MelodiShop accept Visa or MasterCard as payment methods. The site is safe, legal and secure. They don't keep your credit card details or anything like that, so you're 100% safe using it.


MelodiShop offer customers some free credit when they top up a little more than the minimum: Top up $30 and get $30 for free, top up $50 and get $100 for free or top up $100 and get $300 for free.

My Opinion

A brilliant site, with brilliant prices and by far the best reload offers of all.

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