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Site Design

MP3Million have just had a whole make-over, with a new site design, new music library and best of all, cheaper prices. If you are in the UK, you will see the prices is £, if you're anywhere else, you will get $. A feature none of the other sites offer, and I think makes it a lot more user-friendly than the other sites on the web.


MP3Million is a very new site, so their music is very up to date of course, but they seem to add the newest releases as soon as possible, so they are one to keep an eye on. The homepage of the site is full of music, charts, and albums coming soon, making browsing the site a breeze and there's always something to download!


Signing up to the site is quick and easy, just give a few details and you're ready to add funds and download music. MP3Million will give you enough cash on your balance for 2 songs from the site so you can try out their service before you add your own money. These can be any two songs you like, there are no restrictions.


Adding money to your MP3Million account can be done using Visa, MasterCard or PayPal and is easy, very safe and secure. The minimum top up amount is $15.00, but this will never expire and you can use it whenever you like. Once it's run out, you can add more if you want to, there is no pressure to top up again at any time.


Music tracks on the site cost just 10¢ each, which makes them the cheapest sites on the web. Albums on the site will cost you roughly between 80¢ and $2.00, depending on the number of tracks the album has.


MP3Million have got some really good offers available to you when you top up your account with more than the minimum: Top up $30 to get $15 free, top up $50 to get $50 for free or top up $100 to get $125 for free.

My Opinion

This site was good before, but it's even better now! The songs are cheaper, the site is easier to use, overall, it's a really great improvement!

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