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Help me chose the best site for me!

You're on this site, so that means you've taken the wiser choice to not pay iTunes nearly all your allowance to download music! But if you're still feeling a bit lost, this post should help you.

What options are there for buying music from this site?
There are six cheap mp3 download sites to chose from here, all offering and specialising in something different. So lets look at who's giving you what:

MP3 Panda, MP3Skyline and LegalSounds are all now closed down. However, there are loads of new sites around. Check out the best ones on our review page.

I want cheap music! The site offering the cheapest mp3s is MP3 Panda. All songs on the site are 5¢ each so you can get whole albums for $0.50 easily. I want loads of choice! MP3Skyline is the site for you then, with the largest music library containing over 3,387,120 songs, all priced at just 15¢ each. I want free songs! LegalSounds offer a free song everyday. This can be found on their homepage and is a song of their choice. This is the best option if you're after free songs. I want free albums!  MP3 Panda are the best site for this, you can download a free album everyday from the site. As with LegalSounds, the album is of their choice and can be found on the homepage.

I want to try a site out! 
The best sites for trying out the service are MP3va, Soundike and MP3Million. MP3va and Soundike give you a massive 30¢ when you register! It may not seem like much, but it's enough for two songs on the site of your choice so you can test their service. MP3 Million are probably the better option though, as they give you 10 free songs to play with after registration. (See more of Free Trials

If you're still stuck for who to use, check out the comparison table to compare all the sites side-by-side. Happy downloading!

All of the sites I have reviewed and listed are what I call 'Pay Per Song' services. Although they aren't really...

You top up money to your account and buy songs using it until it runs out. Then you just top up more if you wish to. It does not expire and you don't ever have to add more money if you don't want to.

MP3Million are the first site to offer a monthly service, where you pay a fee every month and are given a huge number of downloads to use in that month. At the end of the month, any unused allowance is scrapped and you start a new month with a new limit of downloads. And here are the options to make it easier:

Paying €20 per month gets you 500 downloads a month.
Paying €50 per month gets you 1500 downloads a month.

MP3 Million still offer their pay per song service too. So which option should you go for?

Choose Pay Per Song if:
* You download a few albums or tracks a month
* You don't want a monthly payment commitment
* You only want to try MP3 Million then maybe move to another cheap mp3 site

Choose Monthly Subscription if:

* You download a lot of music (more than 500 a month)
* You don't want to keep checking your account balance and just download music
* You're happy with MP3 Million's service and aren't going to change companies

Hope this helps some of you guys who ask about monthly services. If you get stuck or want more information, give me shout. Get over to MP3Million to see what this is all about for yourself.

If you are new to the world of mp3 downloading, it's worth checking out MP3Million before you decide to go with the masses and use iTunes or Amazon.

Not only are they very cheap, at €0.10 a song, compared to iTunes, that is very cheap.

MP3 Million also offer their customers 10 free songs upon sign up. And it isn't just 10 free songs they select either. You have the choice of which 10 you want to download.  

If that isn't enough to sell it you to, they are now giving a 50% discount on all their albums, which means there are loads of albums costing under €1!

Head over to MP3Million now to see what it's all about.

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