A common question is: 'Will these downloads work with my iPod and iTunes?'

The simple, and complicated, answer is Yes.

The music you download from any of these cheap mp3 sites will be downloaded to your pc. This is usually found in either 'My Downloads' or 'My Music' on your pc.

The only time they will be saved elsewhere is if you have your internet browser set to save your downloads elsewhere. This is usually another folder, the desktop or the pc hard drive. Either way, it's fairly easy to locate, just check your browser options to find out.

Once you have located them on your pc, just open up iTunes, click on 'File', then 'Add File to Library'.

Find the folder your downloads are saved into (My Music, My Downloads, wherever you found it earlier) and click on the songs you want to add to iTunes. (To select more than one songs, hold down the 'CTRL' key on your keyboard while you click each track. This will select multiple tracks. Be careful not to let go of CTRL while you click or you will deselect everything).

Once you have selected all the songs you want, click 'Open'. This will add all the selected tracks to your iTunes library ready to be added to your iPod, iPhone, iEverything!

I hope this little quick guide helps, if anyone needs more help, feel free to give me a shout: Contact Me