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More music on mp3va

After a mp3 download site with loads of music? Well MP3va could be for you.

The site has just had an incredible 10tb of music injected into it, making it one of the largest we review here at

This new batch of music includes both old and new stuff, so there really is something for everyone on this site.

But that's not all, the site has been redesigned and looks better than ever. They might not be as big a iTunes, but it won't be long before they are at this rate!

Check out the site for yourself here: MP3va.

GoMusicNow & GoMusic

GoMusicNow and GoMusic, two of my very least favourite sites, are down yet again and have been for a few days now. This doesn't bold well for them. They might be cheap, but if we can't access the site, then we don't want to use them!

If you've put money on recently, we can just hope that the site returns soon. If you were thinking of using them... DON'T! They have a very bad reputation for constantly being down, having payment problems, not answering emails and a whole host of other issues that they never seem to fix!

Our recommendation? Use another site. MP3va and MP3Million are two other sites that are a million times better; they are always reliable, don't change their prices every two days and have problems once a year at most! They can be trusted with your money and won't do a runner like a lot of these cheap sites have done before.

Check back for more info on the GoMusic and GoMusicNow problem soon.

St. Patricks Day Deals

St. Patricks Day is a time for celebration, so to get in on the action, MP3va have decided to offer something special to their customers.

MP3va have reduced their track prices. Tracks on MP3va are now just 10¢ each

These offers are only valid from the 16th March to the 18th March, so make the most of them while you can.


MP3va Price Drop

MP3va have lowered their prices this week to celebrate the new year.

MP3va have reduced priced to 10¢ each, a 5¢ price drop.

Head over to the site now to see more about these offers and grab them while you can.

Thanksgiving Offers and Deals

image Thanksgiving is a big time of year, so lots of mp3 sites have decided to chip in on the action offer freebies here and there for everyone to take a slice of.

So what's on offer?

MP3Fiesta is now closed

MP3 Panda and MP3Fiesta  Both sites are offering 100% bonuses on all deposits made to their site. This 'Black Friday' deal is open to all customers, new and existing and is running from today until the 30th November. If you're going to top up your account with either MP3 Panda or MP3Fiesta, or were thinking of using one of them for the first time, now is a good time to top up. Any deposit you make will be doubled, so get the most of this offer while you can.

We're no longer supporting Soundike. Find out more here.

Soundike  Soundike are offering some good deals too, top up your account with $30.00 and Soundike will add $15.00 for free, or top up with $50.00 and Soundike will add a massive $55.00 to your account. This offer is running from the 26th until the 29th November.

MP3va have reduced all track prices across their site to just 10¢ each. That's 5¢ less than usual! This offer is running from the 27th November until the 29th, so get it while you can.

New Michael Jackson Releases on MP3va

MP3va have added loads more new songs and albums to their site, in particular, Michael Jackson albums. The three new albums can be found on the homepage of the site and are all very cheap. Between them, they have 35 tracks and will cost you just $4.20.

Head over to MP3va now to get your albums.

image  image  image

MP3va's Monday Offer

MP3va are offering up to $120.00 free for today only. All you have to do to get this free credit is top up your account with them. Get this offer while you can, it will expire by the end of the day so make the most if it now.

Here's what you can get:

Top up with $30.00 and MP3va will give you an extra $15.00 on your account
Top up with $50.00 and MP3va will give you an extra $50.00 on your account
Top up with $100.00 and MP3va will give you an extra $120.00 on your account

If you've got the money to put on more than the minimum top up on your account ($15.00), do it today so you can get the best deal possible.

Free Songs, Credit & Albums

Lots of sites on the web offer you the opportunity to download free songs, free music, free everything. However, most of these sites are illegal and will more than likely give you a virus or two. Bad news. So where can you get free music safely?

There are lots of sites that you can get freebies from when you register and use them. However, in most cases, you do need to add money to your account to get the offer. But is is very much worth every penny and you can get over 100% back. So which sites give you the best deals?

Top up $30.00 to get $15.00
Top up $50.00 to get $50.00

MP3Million :
Top up €30.00 to get €10.00
Top up €50.00 to get €50.00

MP3Mixx :
Top up $50.00 to get $10.00
Top up $100.00 to get $25.00

New Site Review

I've found yet another mp3 download site, this one is the replacement for the closed down 'AllOfMP3'. It's cleverly named, 'AllTunes'.

I'm reviewing the site now, so check back soon for a full review.

Take a look at these cheap mp3 download sites in the meantime:

MP3 Million 
MP3 Caprice 

Free Credit from MP3va

Today, you can get up to $120 free from the mp3 download site, MP3va. This offer is only valid for today, so make sure you get the offer while you can. So what exactly is the offer?

  • Top up $30.00 to get $15 free
  • Top up $50.00 to get $50 free
  • Top up $100.00 to get $120 free

Head over to MP3va now to get your free credit.


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