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New MP3 Site

It's been a while since any new sites popped up and now we've got two at once.

The new sites are Payplay and Mediasack.

So why am I telling you about them? Well they are a bit different from the others on here. First off, Mediasack. The site offers both music and movies, which is a first! So if you're after films too, Mediasack might be the one for you. One place to top up, one place to download from. Sounds awesome! Then we have Payplay. The site just offers mp3s and they are a little more expensive than others sites, at 20¢. However, their music library is far larger than anyone else's, with over 5,407,300 tracks. So if you love you're music, really love your music, then Payplay might be worth a look. With that many tracks, they are likely to have more unusual stuff, remixes, specials and all that jazz.

You can read more about both sites and leave your own comments in the full reviews of them:


Media-Members Review

Unfortunately, Media-Members has now closed down. But there are plenty of other mp3 sites to download from, check out some of our favorites on our reviews page.

A new website has popped up, offering both music and movie downloads, making it one of a kind out of the sites we review. The site offers mp3s for and movies for , making it very cheap compares to sites like iTunes! There are loads of new movies, all in various qualities, ranging from iPod to HD. There are also TV Shows to download too. The mp3s are good quality too, at kbps. Visit Media-Members for yourself, or read our review of the site here: Media-Members Review.

Summer Deals on MP3 Downloads

Unfortunately, MP3Panda has now closed down. But there are plenty of other mp3 sites to download from, check out some of our favorites on our reviews page.

To get us all into the summer spirit, MP3 Panda have got some great deals on thier site at the moment. You can a massive bonus of $120 if you play your cards right!So what do you have to do to get the deal?Well, MP3 Panda is a top up site, so you need to add money to your balance in order to download any music to start with. And there is, of course, a minimum amount that you may deposit. However, if you are willing to add a little more than the minimum, it can be worth your while! Here's exactly what you can get:When you top up $29.95, you will get $20.00 added to your balance for free, when you top up $49.95 and you will get $60.00 added to your balance for free and when you top up your account with $94.95 and you will get a massive $120.00 for free, making a total of $214.95 to spend on the site.Go to MP3 Panda now to get this great summer offer while you can!

Get Half-Price Albums

MP3Million are a great site for offers, deals and bonuses so it's no surprise that they are offering every album on their site for half it's usual price at the moment.

So if you've got a new iPod and need to fill it with music, or just want to make the most of this offer, make sure you've topped up your MP3Million account and download as many albums as you can during the offer period!

St. Patricks Day Deals

St. Patricks Day is a time for celebration, so to get in on the action, MP3va have decided to offer something special to their customers.

MP3va have reduced their track prices. Tracks on MP3va are now just 10¢ each

These offers are only valid from the 16th March to the 18th March, so make the most of them while you can.


Iomoio - New & Improved

After various issues, complaints and problems, we've decided to no longer support or recommend Iomoio. Check out our comparison page for some alternative mp3 download sites.

iomoiologo Iomoio have got an improved website, all shiny and new ready for to download your mp3s from! The site has had a major make-over, and it looks fab. We love the design, the new albums that have been added and most of all, how easy it is to use. It works well, songs are cheap at just 16¢ each, the minimum top up is also very cheap at just $16 and the offers are amazing. You can get up to $40.00 free from the site when you top up your account. Check out the Iomoio Review for full details. If you want to dive right into the site, visit Iomoio here.

MP3Caprice Price Drop

mp3capricelogo MP3Caprice had some nice offers over the Christmas break, but now that it's all over, most sites have gone back to business as usual. Apart from MP3Caprice.

These guys have decided to lower the price of all their mp3 tracks to just 12¢ each.

This makes them one of the cheapest sites on the web apart from MP3 Panda and LegalSounds.

Check out the site to see what great music they are offering.

MP3va Price Drop

MP3va have lowered their prices this week to celebrate the new year.

MP3va have reduced priced to 10¢ each, a 5¢ price drop.

Head over to the site now to see more about these offers and grab them while you can.

More Freebies from MP3 Panda

Unfortunately, MP3Panda has now closed down. But there are plenty of other mp3 sites to download from, check out some of our favorites on our reviews page.

imageMP3 Panda are running another great offer for this holiday season, sign up and top up between the 14th and 24th December to get 100% of your money back. This means that if you top up $20.00, MP3 Panda will add $20.00 to your account, making your balance a massive $40! If you've not used MP3 Panda before, head over to the site to see what it's like. If you have used it and your balance needs a top up, make sure you wait until the 14th to do so to make sure you get the full 100% bonus.

Thanksgiving Offers and Deals

image Thanksgiving is a big time of year, so lots of mp3 sites have decided to chip in on the action offer freebies here and there for everyone to take a slice of.

So what's on offer?

MP3Fiesta is now closed

MP3 Panda and MP3Fiesta  Both sites are offering 100% bonuses on all deposits made to their site. This 'Black Friday' deal is open to all customers, new and existing and is running from today until the 30th November. If you're going to top up your account with either MP3 Panda or MP3Fiesta, or were thinking of using one of them for the first time, now is a good time to top up. Any deposit you make will be doubled, so get the most of this offer while you can.

We're no longer supporting Soundike. Find out more here.

Soundike  Soundike are offering some good deals too, top up your account with $30.00 and Soundike will add $15.00 for free, or top up with $50.00 and Soundike will add a massive $55.00 to your account. This offer is running from the 26th until the 29th November.

MP3va have reduced all track prices across their site to just 10¢ each. That's 5¢ less than usual! This offer is running from the 27th November until the 29th, so get it while you can.

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