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Bonuses, Free Songs and More

It's been a while since I wrote about the offers you can get from the mp3 download sites I review, so here's a recap:

MP3 Million:
$49.94 gets you $10.00
$79.95 gets you $25.00
$29.95 gets you $15.00
$49.95 gets you $50.00

MP3 Million's New Offer

MP3Million have a new offer for us lucky folk who love their site. If you're not registered, you can sign up here.

imageSo what's the offer?

You can get up to €75.00 for free when you top up with the site, but only on Wednesdays. So don't miss out today, or you're going to have to wait a week for this to happen again.

Here's what you get:

Top up €30.00 and they will give you €30.00, making your balance €60.00
Top up €50.00 and they will give you €70.00, making your balance €120.00
Top up €75.00 and they will give you €150.00, making your balance €225.00

MP3 Million Charts


MP3Million's site is packed with mp3 albums, tracks, bestsellers, new albums and of course, the music Charts.

So what's covered?

The USA Charts (Top 100), the UK Charts (Top 75) and the German Charts (Top 50) are all listed on the site. This is kept up to date too, unlike so sites charts so if you love music that's ho right now, MP3Million is the site for you.

Michael Jackson albums from MP3 Million

MP3Million are still giving all Michael Jackson albums away for free on the site. This includes 14 albums, 5 single albums, 19 compilations and 60 single tracks.

To get the albums for free, you need a to have an account with MP3 Million (it's free to register) and have a positive balance.

The minimum you can put on is €19.95, so when you've downloaded everything MJ related, you will have all that cash left on your account to buy music from the site. Great news! Songs are only €0.10 each too, so it should last you quite a while!

Get over to MP3Million now start downloading all the MJ albums you're internet connection can handle.

Help me chose the best site for me!

You're on this site, so that means you've taken the wiser choice to not pay iTunes nearly all your allowance to download music! But if you're still feeling a bit lost, this post should help you.

What options are there for buying music from this site?
There are six cheap mp3 download sites to chose from here, all offering and specialising in something different. So lets look at who's giving you what:

MP3 Panda, MP3Skyline and LegalSounds are all now closed down. However, there are loads of new sites around. Check out the best ones on our review page.

I want cheap music! The site offering the cheapest mp3s is MP3 Panda. All songs on the site are 5¢ each so you can get whole albums for $0.50 easily. I want loads of choice! MP3Skyline is the site for you then, with the largest music library containing over 3,387,120 songs, all priced at just 15¢ each. I want free songs! LegalSounds offer a free song everyday. This can be found on their homepage and is a song of their choice. This is the best option if you're after free songs. I want free albums!  MP3 Panda are the best site for this, you can download a free album everyday from the site. As with LegalSounds, the album is of their choice and can be found on the homepage.

I want to try a site out! 
The best sites for trying out the service are MP3va, Soundike and MP3Million. MP3va and Soundike give you a massive 30¢ when you register! It may not seem like much, but it's enough for two songs on the site of your choice so you can test their service. MP3 Million are probably the better option though, as they give you 10 free songs to play with after registration. (See more of Free Trials

If you're still stuck for who to use, check out the comparison table to compare all the sites side-by-side. Happy downloading!

MP3Million have finally ended their 50% offer, only to replace it with a new one. This time, they are giving customers who have an account with money in all Michael Jackson mp3 albums for free. So if you've got an account with MP3 Million, make sure it's got a bit of cash in it and you can download as much as you want for free.

If you're not with MP3 Million, don't worry, you can register with them now and create an account (doing so will also get you 10 FREE songs). Once you've got your account, just top it up, (the minimum top up is €19.95) and you can start downloading until you get cramp in your hand from holding the mouse!

So why are you still reading this, go to MP3Million now!

Last Day for MP3 Million 50% discount

MP3Million is finally ending the 50% discount offer on their albums today, so make sure you've drained all the mp3 albums you can from this offer. Get over to MP3 Million now to register and start downloading before the end of the day and albums become full price.

If you're reading this and it's tomorrow, then you've missed it! But don't worry, albums are very cheap even at full price, so you've just missed a good deal, but you can still get loads of music cheaply!

Click here to go to MP3Million now.

Site with the largest library?

The five music download sites that I compare all have something to offer that's a bit different from the others. That's why I review five and not just one or two. Each has it's pros and cons. (Read reviews or check the comparison table for more info). But out of the five I review, which offers you the most music?

Lets look at the figures:

MP3Million has 2,618,564 tracks

Closed: LegalSounds has 2,114,386 tracks

Closed: MP3 Panda has 1,952,101 tracks

MP3va has 1,190,088 tracks

Closed: Soundike has 1,200,000 tracks

So if you want a site that can offer you loads of music, MP3Million is for you. The site has a low minimum top up as well, at just €19.95.

The site has some good top up offers too if you want to top up a little more, read the full MP3 Million review for details on this or you can visit the site for yourself here: Go to MP3Million

MP3 Million's 50% Discount is almost over!

The wonderful deal that MP3Million are running and I have blogged about a billion times is finally coming to an end!

You have until the 30th June to download all the mp3s you can handle at this great 50% discounted price! Head over to MP3Million now to make the most of this before albums go back to full price!

MP3 Million's 50% Discount still going…

This great offer seems to have no end! You can get any album from MP3Million with a 50% discount on the price, meaning you're not going to find an album for much more than a €1 on the site.

See more details about this offer on my previous post: MP3 Million 50% Discount Offer

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