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Check out the New MP3va

MP3va are the most consistent site of all the ones I've reviewed, they update when necessary, the site is clean and easy to use. So the one that's most surprising when it updates is MP3va. They are my favourite site, the design is great, colourful, simple and it works really well. They have now changed this for a logo of a bright yellow sunshine wearing his sunnies! Very sweet!

Not much else has changed, other than regular updates. They still offer songs for 15¢ each and have a huge music library top browse through. Go to MP3va to see this new design for yourself!

Site with the largest library?

The five music download sites that I compare all have something to offer that's a bit different from the others. That's why I review five and not just one or two. Each has it's pros and cons. (Read reviews or check the comparison table for more info). But out of the five I review, which offers you the most music?

Lets look at the figures:

MP3Million has 2,618,564 tracks

Closed: LegalSounds has 2,114,386 tracks

Closed: MP3 Panda has 1,952,101 tracks

MP3va has 1,190,088 tracks

Closed: Soundike has 1,200,000 tracks

So if you want a site that can offer you loads of music, MP3Million is for you. The site has a low minimum top up as well, at just €19.95.

The site has some good top up offers too if you want to top up a little more, read the full MP3 Million review for details on this or you can visit the site for yourself here: Go to MP3Million

MP3va Track Increase

MP3va have increased the size of their music library. Great news for us! More cheap music that we can get online!

So what's the score now?

MP3va have 1,190,088 mp3s for you to get lost in and crash your internet speeds downloading

Get over to the site now for some great songs at great prices.

New Top Recommended Site: MP3va

Currently, my recommended site is MP3Million. This is going to change yet again, back to MP3va. The two sites are both great, but MP3va are better.

Their site is very up-to-date, easy to use, has a great selection of music available and their customer support is beyond excellent. They are extremely helpful, they reply to emails and will fix any problems you might have as best they can.

Registration is free and you will get 30¢ credit, which is enough for two songs of your choice to try the site out with.

Their minimum top up price is great too, at just $14.95, so even when your a bit broke, you can get some great cheap mp3s.

They have also increased the size of their music library, meaning you have more choice of great music.

Go to MP3va for some really cheap mp3s!

Top Up Offers & Bonuses

Each site I have reviewed give you their own little something to say 'thank you for being a customer' each and every time you top up your account with them.

Here is a run down of who's giving what and what the best deals are:

This site offers free credit when you top up:

Top up $29.95 and they give you $15.00
Top up $49.95 and they give you $50.00

This has site has two deals running:

When you top up €29.95, they give you €10.00
When you top up €49.95, they give you €50.00
When you top up €19.95, they give you 500 Free Downloads for a month
When you top up €49.95, they give you 1500 Free Downloads for a month

You chose which deal you want when you go into the 'add to balance' screen. I've written about how to get each deal in full on a previous post: MP3 Million Top Up Offers

What Payment Options Are There?

So out of the four sites I review, what is the best for me to use based on their payment method options?

Well, as you might expect, each one allows you to pay slightly differently.

This site takes MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron (handy for the students among us!), Maestro, uKash, PaySafe and DaoPay. The minimum top up is €19.95.

MP3va accept MasterCard and Visa only. They did offer PayPal, but this has since been removed. I have contacted them about this and it is due to be added soon. Watch this space! The minimum top up on both sits is $14.95.

Comparison Table Update

As always, I like to keep you guys up to date with what's happening in the world of cheap mp3 songs! And as soon as something changes, I'm all over it! As such, I have updated the comparison table, as MP3va have randomly reduced the number of tracks that are on their site, from 1,810,000 down to 1,176,497.

After digging around on the site, it seems that they haven't actually removed music, but have cleaned it all up. Duplicates have been removed, singles tracks that appear on albums have been removed as you can purchase individual tracks from the albums (there is no point in having both) and duplicate artists have been merged.

MP3va have done a good bit of spring cleaning it seems, and this is great news, it makes the site even nicer to use than before! Well done guys!

As always, any other updates to the sites will be written about asap, so check back for the latest, most up-to-date info on cheap mp3s.

Click to see the new Comparison Table.

MP3va’s Unusual Collection of Music

MP3va are a great site for cheap mp3 songs. They have a large selection of music (over 1,176,497 tracks), a clean, crisp site design and a low minimum top up price at just $14.95.

What they are less known for however, is the type of music they offer on the site. If a band has ever offered a special edition CD, a live album, remixes or limited editions, MP3va will more than likely have it ready for you to download at a ridiculously low price.

For example, if you like Lily Allen, which a lot of people do, you can grab her new album, 'It's Not Me, It's You' from MP3va for just $1.44.

But there is also a new album, simply titled 'Remixed', which you can grab for the same price. This album consists of 12 remixed tracks:

01. Everyone's At it [recreational mix] 
02. The Fear [fearchestral version]
03. Not Fair [uncool mix]
04. 22 [23 mix]
05. I Could Say [function mix]
06. Back To The Start [this is just a remix]
07. Never Gonna Happen [what's happening mix]
08. Fuck You [fossa nova mix]
09. Who'd Have Known [moss side mix]
10. Chinese [toolie mix]
11. Him [riot hymn mix]
12. He Wasn't There [welsh mix]

You can get the whole album, or just the ones you like for 15¢ each. Buying the whole album saves you 36¢, that's enough for two more songs with a bit left over, so if you're a Lily Allen fan, it might be worth investing in the album rather than individual tracks.

None of the other sites I review offer this album, so if you are after something a little bit different, MP3va would be the site I recommend to you.

Song Quality Explained

It's all good and well deciding that you want to download some mp3s, but how do you know if what you're getting is good, bad or ugly? How do you know the quality is going to be acceptable?

Well, all the mp3 sites I list on here tell you the quality of every tack on an album, so you can decide for yourself if you're happy with it before you download it.

But how do you know what is good and what is bad quality?

Quality is always displayed as 'Bitrate'.

So what are good and bad bitrates?

A Bitrate of 192 is CD quality. A Bitrate of 320 kbps is the highest quality an mp3 can be, so is obviously the best quality. Anything below 192 kbps is considered to be poor quality. 

So before you download any songs, it's always worth just having a glance at the Bitrate of the track to make sure you're not getting something really bad quality that you can't listen to.

MP3Million and MP3va all offer up to a Bitrate of 320.

I'm always posting news about the cheap mp3 sites I have reviewed on here, but what I have never blogged about is which site is my favourite and which I would recommend. So I thought it was about time I did!

As you may have gathered, I love all four sites I have on here. They each have their own pros and cons, but they all stand out from the hundreds of other cheap mp3 sites on the web for me for one reason or another.

So, which one do I recommend?

If you want a low minimum top up, MP3va is the one for you with a $19.95 top up amount. Read Review...

And finally, if you want a huge music library, MP3Million is the site for you, with songs costing €0.10 (equal to 15¢) it's the second cheapest. Read Review...

My Top Recommended Site: MP3Million. I have chosen MP3 Million as the top site because:

  • The music library dwarfs the other three sites with 400,000 more cheap mp3 songs
  • MP3 Million give you 10 free songs when you register with them. (Legal Sounds offer this too)
  • There is a large selection of payment methods
  • Their top up/sign up offers of free credit are very generous and are renewed regularly

Remember, all songs on MP3 Million are DRM free, so can be played anywhere on anything (as long as it plays mp3s of course). MP3 Million also have excellent customer service, so if you're stuck with anything, they are very helpful and

Check out MP3Million for yourself now, or read the review. You can also compare all four sites in the comparison table.

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