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Unfortunately, LegalSounds have now closed down. But there are plenty of other mp3 sites to download from, check out some of our favorites on our reviews page.

LegalSounds are a nice, simple, no messing about site. Their offers are generous, but the site is never in-your-face with some crazy flashing banner linking to a new $50.00 FREE thing, they just do what they do and they do it well. Another nice touch that Legal Sounds have (that no other site offers) is their step by step guide on the homepage. This makes it a little more user friendly than other sites. You don't feel quite so lost the first time you go there. The site is just a nice place to be! So what are these simple steps? 1. Register 2. Get the Legal Sounds Downloader (you don't have to do this... but it is a good piece of software. Read about the downloader here: Legal Sounds Downloader) 3. Transfer Money 4. Download music Simple really! And that's why we love them. Not to mention their $0.09 song price!

MP3Million have finally ended their 50% offer, only to replace it with a new one. This time, they are giving customers who have an account with money in all Michael Jackson mp3 albums for free. So if you've got an account with MP3 Million, make sure it's got a bit of cash in it and you can download as much as you want for free.

If you're not with MP3 Million, don't worry, you can register with them now and create an account (doing so will also get you 10 FREE songs). Once you've got your account, just top it up, (the minimum top up is €19.95) and you can start downloading until you get cramp in your hand from holding the mouse!

So why are you still reading this, go to MP3Million now!

Last Day for MP3 Million 50% discount

MP3Million is finally ending the 50% discount offer on their albums today, so make sure you've drained all the mp3 albums you can from this offer. Get over to MP3 Million now to register and start downloading before the end of the day and albums become full price.

If you're reading this and it's tomorrow, then you've missed it! But don't worry, albums are very cheap even at full price, so you've just missed a good deal, but you can still get loads of music cheaply!

Click here to go to MP3Million now.

MP3 Panda's Free Album of Today

Unfortunately, MP3 Panda have now closed down. But there are plenty of other mp3 sites to download from, check out some of our favorites on our reviews page.

As you may well know, MP3 Panda offer a free album every day to their customers and today's album is another popular one, 'Coldplay - Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends'. Grab you're free copy here from MP3 Panda: Coldplay - Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends Remember, songs on MP3 Panda are only 5¢ so if something else catches your eye, it's very cheap to download that too!

Site with the largest library?

The five music download sites that I compare all have something to offer that's a bit different from the others. That's why I review five and not just one or two. Each has it's pros and cons. (Read reviews or check the comparison table for more info). But out of the five I review, which offers you the most music?

Lets look at the figures:

MP3Million has 2,618,564 tracks

Closed: LegalSounds has 2,114,386 tracks

Closed: MP3 Panda has 1,952,101 tracks

MP3va has 1,190,088 tracks

Closed: Soundike has 1,200,000 tracks

So if you want a site that can offer you loads of music, MP3Million is for you. The site has a low minimum top up as well, at just €19.95.

The site has some good top up offers too if you want to top up a little more, read the full MP3 Million review for details on this or you can visit the site for yourself here: Go to MP3Million

MP3 Million's 50% Discount is almost over!

The wonderful deal that MP3Million are running and I have blogged about a billion times is finally coming to an end!

You have until the 30th June to download all the mp3s you can handle at this great 50% discounted price! Head over to MP3Million now to make the most of this before albums go back to full price!

MP3 Million's 50% Discount still going…

This great offer seems to have no end! You can get any album from MP3Million with a 50% discount on the price, meaning you're not going to find an album for much more than a €1 on the site.

See more details about this offer on my previous post: MP3 Million 50% Discount Offer

Today's Free Album from MP3 Panda is…

Unfortunately, MP3 Panda have now closed down. But there are plenty of other mp3 sites to download from, check out some of our favorites on our reviews page.

As you know, I like to keep you all updated on what freebies you can get and today is no exception! MP3 Panda are offering the Hannah Montana Movie Soundtrack for free today. All you got to do to get this is register with them, which is free to do. It's a win win situation! Get over to MP3 Panda now to get this deal and as always, Happy downloading!

All of the sites I have reviewed and listed are what I call 'Pay Per Song' services. Although they aren't really...

You top up money to your account and buy songs using it until it runs out. Then you just top up more if you wish to. It does not expire and you don't ever have to add more money if you don't want to.

MP3Million are the first site to offer a monthly service, where you pay a fee every month and are given a huge number of downloads to use in that month. At the end of the month, any unused allowance is scrapped and you start a new month with a new limit of downloads. And here are the options to make it easier:

Paying €20 per month gets you 500 downloads a month.
Paying €50 per month gets you 1500 downloads a month.

MP3 Million still offer their pay per song service too. So which option should you go for?

Choose Pay Per Song if:
* You download a few albums or tracks a month
* You don't want a monthly payment commitment
* You only want to try MP3 Million then maybe move to another cheap mp3 site

Choose Monthly Subscription if:

* You download a lot of music (more than 500 a month)
* You don't want to keep checking your account balance and just download music
* You're happy with MP3 Million's service and aren't going to change companies

Hope this helps some of you guys who ask about monthly services. If you get stuck or want more information, give me shout. Get over to MP3Million to see what this is all about for yourself.

MP3 Panda Just Keeps Getting BIGGER!

Unfortunately, MP3Panda have now closed down. But there are plenty of other mp3 sites to download from, check out some of our favorites on our reviews page.

MP3 Panda was a fairly small site when I first reviewed it. The homepage wasn't much to look at, songs were 20¢ each, they didn't offer their customers anything special. Since then, they have gotten bigger and better. They now offer songs for the ridiculous price of 5¢ each! Not sure how they can go from 20¢ to 5¢, but I'm not going to file complaints just yet! They have added loads to the homepage, there is a free album on offer everyday, there is a nice little scrolling box with the latest albums on, and above all else, their track count just keeps getting larger and larger! They now offer over 1,941,170 songs! And all at 5¢ each. Remind me why I should use iTunes? Visit MP3 Panda now to get some fab mp3 deals!

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